Jobless Kevin Federline Stocks Up For Wild Party

It seems in Hollywood that you don’t have to work hard to play hard. The jobless and usually out of site Kevin Federline was seen picking up a party worth of supplies at the Ralph’s Supermarket over the weekend. He purchased sandwiches, beer and ice for his wild party going down in his Calabasas, California home. Let’s hope he didn’t get too drunk and impregnate any more women as he definitely has enough kids.

(Image via Flynet)

Hugh’s life imitates art!

You just won’t believe how much Hollyweird can resemble the real thing! According to British newspaper the Telegraph, Hugh Grant is now dating his 30-year-old Chinese neighbor Tinglan Hong. Now, this normally won’t be so weird, but apparently 3 years ago Hugh Grant turned down the starring role of a film entitled “Lost for Words” because it wasn’t realistic enough. What was the premise of the film? Well, it would had Hugh Grant playing a foppish movie star who ends up dating one of his Chinese neighbors! It’s funny how life imitates art like that!