Hugh Grant One Trick Pony

Hugh Grant is undeniably charming. But the fact of the matter is that he’s a one trick pony that can’t really act beyond a “Romantic Comedy.” His sexy British accent and adorable dimples have gotten him far in Hollywood. He’s starred in movies with some of the most amazing actresses in the business.

It would be great to see him take a risk and work outside his comfort zone. Perhaps, a Thriller. Perhaps he can try pulling an American accent. So many British and Australian actors do it all the time and vice-versa. Why can’t he? Especially that he’s been in the business of film making for so long. It shows little enthusiasm, ambition and worst of all, is he truly talented, or as I stated before a one trick pony that’s just able to pull the same act over and over?

What are your thoughts on the dimply, British actor Hugh Grant? Please feel free to drop your comments and opinions.